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Every town along the Murray River offers the Houseboat Hirer a completely new experience up and downstream. Murray Bridge features a large rural town with all amenities, plus wide open stretches of river that are great for water sports. There's plenty of shady trees moor under, plus a nice houseboat cruising destination up to Mannum. People don't always realise that to enjoy Mannum in their itinerary, they may be better to depart Murray Bridge and Cruise up!

MURRAY BRIDGE is the largest town on the Murray River on the South Australian side of the border.  It has everything a visitor could need, including large regional shopping centre, all the major supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and sporting facilities. Also the closest major town to The Bend (Motorsport Park), there is plenty to do.

Murray Bridge is a great place for water sports due to the wide stretches of river and plentiful boat ramps to launch you ski boat.

As you cruise off upstream, you will notice things such as the MV Proud Mary and the historic Murray Railway Bridge.

On your way to or from Murray Bridge!

Monarto Zoo
is a widely-acclaimed wildlife facility that is well worth the trip and full of things to see and do with up-close experiences. See cheetahs, monkeys, lions, giraffes, rhinos in their natural habitat!. Enjoy talks from friendly and experienced staff, and wide-open enclosures that provide unobstructed views off all the wondrous animals.


Monarto Lion Tour Be brave and step into the Lions den to experience 360 degree views in Australia’s only lion encounter at Monarto Zoo! Lions 360 is a unique experience that lets you witness these predators in their domain from a safe enclosure. The experience begins with a walk through a tunnel where you will emerge inside a dome inside the Lions den. The dome will leave you feeling completely in awe of the power and size of these predators. Nowhere in Australia can you get up and close with these animals  VIEW MORE

Around Murray Bridge from your Houseboat! (Upstream)

The Murray Railway Bridge! As you cruise away upstream, one of the first things you will see is the huge Murray Bridge (It's namesake), this was  established when a road bridge over the Murray River was completed in 1879 and followed in 1886 by the Adelaide-Melbourne railway line.

Go walking! Walkers can enjoy the 5 kilometre Rail and River Walk, which takes in the town's major historic sites.

Sturt's Reserve! The foreshore in Murray Bridge is known as Sturt's Reserve and offers a nice place for  families to get together under large Gumtrees and plenty of mooring places for for Houseboats. And of course the famous Bunyip!

The Murray River is a picturesque site of house boats, paddle-steamers and happy, relaxed people wandering the riverbanks.

On your way too or from your Murray Bridge houseboat holiday, why not check out Monarto Zoo as well! Many species of animals roam this 1000 hectare site and tourists have the opportunity to take a Safari Bus around the park with a personal guide. 

Fun Facts
Distance from Adelaide: 75km
Distance above Sea Level: 26 Metres
Population: 19,742



The original township was laid out in 1883 and was called Mobilong. The land was sold in Adelaide in 1884 under the advertisement 'Murray traders, woolwashers, builders and all men of enterprise. Give heed to what is now offered to you.' Later it was called Edwards Crossing but it became Murray Bridge when a new railway bridge was constructed across the river in 1924.

The city's most recent Swanport Bridge, which was built five kilometres downstream from Murray Bridge, was completed in 1979.

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